3 Common Garage Door Problems You Can DIY and One You Shouldn’t

3 Common Garage Door Problems You Can DIY and One You Shouldn’t

We all desire a smooth-functioning garage door. However, you can expect occasional garage door problems and the inconveniences that ensue. It is common for garage door owners to try to save money by attempting DIY garage door repair Vancouver. This article sheds light on the typical garage door problems you can repair yourself and one issue you shouldn’t.

Garage door problems you can repair yourself:

Garage Door Won’t Close All The Way

A garage door that won’t close all the way is a security risk to your home or business. A faulty photo-eye, aka safety sensor, most likely causes this problem. The photo-eye is a safety feature powered by an infrared beam and prevents your garage door from closing when there is an obstruction that can result in the garage door crashing on humans, pets, or other objects in its path. An excellent way to detect this problem is by checking your garage door opener for a blinking light and a ticking sound. If the indicator light blinks on and off, the chances are high that the photo eyes are misaligned or blocked or sometimes have a dirty lens.

To fix this problem, locate and adjust the pivot bracket so that the photo eyes are parallel. You can also inspect the area around the sensors to ensure that nothing is blocking it. Additionally, remove cobwebs, wipe the sensor for moisture and dirt, and remove debris on or around the photo eye units.

Noisy Garage Door

A noisy garage door is often irritating. This problem may be due to one or more of the garage door’s moving parts. However, the usual suspects are loose hardware, metal parts requiring lubrication, or worn rollers. All of these parts can be fixed or replaced without calling a professional. For example, strange noise coming from the metal parts can be addressed by lubricating the affected areas with the proper lubricant. Apply the lubricant to parts such as the hinges and springs. It is important to avoid lubricating nylon rollers without bearings, which may damage the roller. For loose parts, get out your toolbox and tighten any bolts that seem to have come apart or loosened.

Garage Door Cleaning

Sometimes, accumulated dirt or dust may be the reason your garage door isn’t functioning the way it should. Garage door cleaning is one of those maintenance tasks you can do in your free time. Get mild dish soap, a soft sponge, wet cloth, or a bristle brush to clean your garage door. Use any of these to wash your garage door and rinse with clean water. If yours is a steel garage door, protect it from rust by drying it and spraying lubricant. Garage door cleaning should be done regularly to improve appearance and functionality.

However, it would be best if you never attempted to repair this garage door problem by yourself:

Broken Garage Door Spring Repair

A garage door with broken springs is dangerous and should be left to the pros to avoid accidents and injuries. Usually, A broken spring can be detected by a loud and startling bang as the garage door spring breaks or snaps. Contact a professional commercial garage door repair company as soon as this happens. Your repair professional can inspect, diagnose, and fix this problem properly and advice about high cycle garage door springs or any other issues that may occur to your garage door and provide peace of mind to years to come

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