why are we the best in surrey bc

why are we the best in surrey bc

Compared to other parts of the GVA, Surrey is still a relatively safe place to live, but local law enforcement has warned that crime is on the rise and residents need to stay alert. One recent incident involved three burglaries in one locale in February this year. Police arrested two suspects who are now facing charges.

It’s not without reason that your garage door is a favourite point of entry for intruders. While most residents know how to beef up the security on their homes, the garage is often overlooked. It is generally unattended and is a handy storage space for valuable items, such as sports equipment, power tools, and of course, the family vehicles. It’s also not uncommon for the garage to lead directly into the home via an unlocked, adjacent door.

Why Call the Professionals?

When it comes to your family’s safety and security, you don’t want to leave anything to chance. And while a lot of homeowners are keen DIY’ers, the integrity of your garage door is best trusted to the professionals. The door is a complex array of components that all need to come together for the door to function properly. Your local handyman may mean well, but does he have the skills, the tools, and the know-how to do the job?

garage door spring repairEnsuring the correct operation of garage door openers, springs, and cables is a job for the experts. Not least because botched repairs can drive up costs. Also, garage doors are heavy, and accidents can happen quickly. The garage door springs alone are under enormous tension and replacing them requires special tools, training, and experience.

Hiring amateurs to repair your garage door opens you up to the risks associated with poor workmanship and low-quality materials. And besides, who wants to pay for amateur repairs, only to call in the professionals to get the job done properly further on down the road?

Titan Garage Doors is Here to Help

We’ve been operating in the Greater Vancouver area since 2012, and we’ve gained a reputation for fast, affordable, expert garage door repairs, services, and installations. Here at Titan, we have an entire team dedicated to providing top-quality service.

Our technicians deal with all makes and models of garage doors and their components on a daily basis. Plus, we offer free, no-obligation quotes, either in your home or over the telephone. Fully licensed and insured, we offer 24-hour emergency services, so no matter what the time or the weather, we will fix your garage door.

Our prices are competitive, and we work hard to keep them that way, but that doesn’t mean we compromise on quality. Our staff is highly trained, and we only use the very best materials. Check out our reviews from our scores of satisfied and happy customers.

Why Wait? Call Titan Garage Door Repair in Surrey Today

Our Garage Door Repair service in Surrey has years of experience in the repair and installation of all the major brands of garage doors. We also offer same day, emergency, and regular maintenance schedules.

We’ve helped thousands of clients in and around Surrey. Why not let us help you?

You can get in touch on our local number, 604-313-0108. Book a gratis consultation, or talk to one of our experts and get a free estimate over the phone. Whatever you need– from maintenance to repairs, replacement parts, or new or retrofit-installation services, Titan is here for you. If you’re looking for the best garage door repair services in and around Surrey, we’re awaiting your call.

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