Why choose Titan Garage Doors When In Need

Why choose Titan Garage Doors When In Need

Don’t Hold When It Comes To Garage Door Repair In Langley

While still a great place to live and work, burglaries are on the rise in Langley. In a spat of worrying break-ins, which began in January last year, criminals targeted old, or broken garage doors to gain entry to local Langley properties. Once inside the thieves helped themselves to a wide range of valuable items, from kids bicycles to expensive sports equipment, and power tools.

Garage Doors Repair LangleyThe garage door is one of the most vulnerable entry points to your home, and here’s why. Firstly, automatic garage door openers installed before 1993 have no security features. Anyone with the same brand of an opener is able to use the remote to operate your door. After 2004, manufacturers introduced a function that allowed owners to set a rolling code. However, a lot of people leave that code in the factory default.

Secondly, a garage door that does not close flush to the ground makes easy pickings for thieves. The smallest crack can be used to slide a wire under the door to unlock the safety release. Also, weak, poorly maintained garage doors can sometimes be opened by brute force alone. This is why homeowners need to take the integrity of their garage doors very seriously.

to sum things up if you have a broken garage door don’t waste time and call an expert garage door repair in langley

Why Call the Professionals?

The security of your Langley home is at stake, so is your family’s safety. And while many homeowners like to DIY in and around their properties, the maintenance, repair, or replacement of your garage door components is not a job for amateurs.

For starters, there’s too much that can go wrong. A single garage door can weigh upwards of 300 lbs. A double door can tip the scales at 600 lbs. For the untrained layman, it’s an accident waiting to happen. Then there are the garage door springs. Coils of metal that contain enough torque to send them flying around the garage if mishandled. The consequences for you or anyone standing close by can be dire, to say the least.

Titan Garage Door technicians have years of experience, along with the proper tools and the know-how to carry out a wide range of repair jobs safely and efficiently, without going over budget. Our services cover all the popular models and brands, and we only use quality materials.

Titan Garage Doors is Here to Help

Titan is the expert for all things garage doors. We’re a local company with an established customer base, and our reputation for excellent customer service has been built on hard work and dedication to what we do. Perhaps the cherry on the top is our fully trained, fully insured technicians that will get the job done right the first time.

We not only repair garage doors, but we also install new doors and replace worn and stressed parts, like springs, cables, and rollers. Plus, we’re up-to-date with the new technology that comes with modern door openers. Titan also provides same day and emergency services, so we’re here to help any time of the day or night.

Call Titan For Garage Door Repair In  Langley Today

Our customer-oriented services are the best you can find in and around Surrey, Langley and white rock. Additionally, we provide you with the best possible service from your very first phone call. In fact, we’ll answer any questions you have regarding your door repairs and installation, including free quotes.

You can reach Titan at 604-313-0108. There’s no need to wait. The security of your home could be on the line. Don’t give thieves a chance by allowing a faulty or broken garage door to go unattended.

The safety of you and your loved ones might depend on it.

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