Garage Door Safety: Childproofing Matters

Garage door safety

The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) has issued official warnings that caution parents to take care around their kids when using automatic garage door openers as early as the 1980’s – and garage doors pose just as much of a danger to children today as they did then, whether or not you are using an automatic door opener or a regular manual garage door.
Accidents involving garage doors are very common, and it often results in serious or fatal injuries mostly to small children. But those accidents are preventable, and just a little bit of precaution could save someone’s life.
Here is the essential information you need to know about garage door safety, and how to make it safer if you have children around. 

How often does it happen?

Mainstream studies on the topic estimate that as much as 50,000 permanent injuries occur from garage door injuries every year – but this figure can be an even higher number in reality just due to the fact that many people have garage doors installed in their homes every day.
Where people are parents with kids around the house, it is not enough just to have the door installed – you will also have to take a few safety precautions to cut down on any potential for injury.

Types of Garage Door Injuries 

There are several different ways you or your child could potentially be injured by a garage door – and these are more common injuries than you would ever think.

  • Garage Door Springs
    Springs make for one of the lesser common types of injuries, but they can still happen with older garage door models. Regular garage door repair can fix the issue before an injury happens.
  • Garage Doors Coming Down

Garage doors closing down on someone, especially small children, are one of the more common forms of garage door injuries – and one of the most common ones to result in a serious injury.
To prevent this, the sensors of your automatic garage door must be in a working condition, and you should always teach your children, and remind older ones as well, never to stand under a garage door or try to run in before it closes: It is dangerous, and it could be fatal.

  • Getting Locked in the Garage

It is common for people to lock themselves in – or sometimes out – and this can pose a huge danger, especially in situations where you have left the car running. Fumes can be deadly, and even if you did not leave your car running, it is pretty traumatic for anyone to be locked out of their own garage whether we are talking about you and your children.
Again, a regular garage door service could help to reduce this kind of incident, ensuring that both the springs and the sensors are in good, working condition. 

Need additional help?  

If you want it done right, you should never try to do your replacements or repairs yourself. Even if you think it could save you money.
Hiring an expert is the only way you can be completely sure that repairs have been done right and safe. According to the right international safety standards so that these types of accidents would not occur.
A certified and registered technician can stand you by with any garage door repair in Coquitlam that you might need – and it is safe, affordable and convenient.

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