Garage Door Safety for Kids and Why It’s So Important

Garage Door Safety for Kids and Why It’s So Important

Children can be unpredictable and, in some cases, are out of control and can get injured in numerous ways, and many of these ways can be preventable. Garage doors are one of those things that can be dangerous for children. Children can be seriously injured or even die because of poor garage door safety, which makes this matter a top priority. It is even more critical to have the right and best garage door safety rules in place. Make sure to speak with a garage door specialist in Vancouver regarding further tips for childproofing or even maintenance to help the garage door remain safe, especially when children are around.

Teach Them About the Garage Door

Teaching children about garage door safety is an ideal way to go about this. Educating them and making sure your children understand the importance of garage door safety rules is crucial for your peace of mind. It can help reduce the chances of having someone injured or killed due to a lack of knowledge about the garage door and improper handling by children who may be curious about the door and portray it as a toy.

Showing them the springs, how the door works, how these pieces come together—and highlighting the dangerous aspects of a garage door; this is a great way to teach and protect kids. Always watch the younger children when they are around the garage, playing in the back alley and on the driveway. As a garage door owner, you should educate your older children about the doors, how it’s operated, and even teach them to watch for the younger kids.

Warn Them About the Dangers

Warning children about the dangers and let them know that the possibility of injury is high if they do not follow the warnings. Keeping it simple with basic rules, giving them this information may help prevent fatal accidents in the future. Keeping remotes out of children’s reach and installing the control panel at a specific height so it is away from their reach is crucial. It is essential to let your children know that keeping a distance when a door is opening and closing. And never go under a moving garage door during an operation cycle, and passing in and out is allowed only when a garage door is fully open. Disengage the garage door and demonstrate how it can slam shut.

Let them know that you or other adults are the only ones allowed to control and operate the garage door. In addition, make sure they know that they should not climb on the door or play anywhere around it because of the garage door size.

Show the joints to the children and let them know that this area can pinch fingers or other parts of the body. Generally speaking, the garage is not the ideal place for children to play.

Garage Door Safety Systems

The garage door opener safety features are mandatory and should have at least two systems in good working condition.

Safety sensors – located about 6 inches above the concrete floor attached to the vertical tracks they transmit a laser beam and if interrupted, will reverse the closing cycle preventing the garage door from closing on a child or any other object or vehicle.
The auto reversal system – a system that is a backup to the safety sensors. In a case where a child or a vehicle passes under a closing door, and for some reason will not trigger the safety sensors, as soon as the garage door will hit an object or a person, the resistance from this object will trigger a reversal movement resulting in the garage door opening.

If you are looking for garage door maintenance, repairs, an inspection of the safety systems or replacements for your garage door or opener or a new garage door altogether, speak with a professional garage door technician. At Titan Garage Doors, our professionals know how to provide the best repairs, maintenance, replacements, inspections or installations for homeowners in the greater Vancouver area. Contact us today VIA phone, email or visit our website at https://titangaragedoors.ca/.


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