Is a New Garage Door Going to Increase the Value of Your Home?

Is a New Garage Door Going to Increase the Value of Your Home?

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Are you looking for a way to increase the value of your home quickly and without spending much? Installing a new and upscale garage door is one way to achieve this. To start, you can reach out to a garage door repair Vancouver service for advice on how to go about installing the best garage door. If you are not sure whether installing a new garage door will truly increase your house’s value, take a look at the following points:

Upgrading Your Garage Door Can Give You a Big ROI on Your Home

One way homeowners can get an amazing return on investment on their homes is by upgrading their garage door. Compared with other upgrades and remodeling processes geared towards increasing the home’s value, the garage door upgrade is relatively cheaper. Studies have also shown that upgrading your garage door into an upscale design can easily help you get your house off the market.

Cost Vs. Value

As a homeowner looking to make sales from your property, it is important to consider the cost vs. value of upgrading your garage door. It has been reported that upgrading your home garage door is going to cost you about $3,611. The ROI, however, is 97.5%, unlike kitchen and stone veneer remodel, which are 80.5% and 94.9%, respectively. Realtors have estimated that even the smallest upgrade made on a garage door can increase the price of the home by up to 4%. However, the percentage of this increase is quite dependent on the style.

Asides from providing a better return on investment, upgrading your garage can also do the following:

Improve Energy Efficiency

Upgrading your garage door allows you to make use of energy-efficient materials. Most new garage door designs are crafted to give you better air transference control, which, in turn, reduces your HVAC system’s work. Importantly, this will help reduce your annual spending on cooling and heating.

Better Security

Older garage doors are susceptible to manipulations and attacks by intruders. Upgrading your garage door allows you to incorporate modern technology that will secure your home efficiently. This technology enables unique codes to be created every time you open your garage door, making it hard to duplicate. Additional technology like photo eye sensors and automatic reverse systems also provide added safety.

Better Look

In real estate, looks matter a lot. Upgrading your old garage door will significantly improve the look of your property. A modern garage can switch your home from its average appearance into an ultramodern palace.

With everything mentioned above, you should know by now that a new garage door is a huge selling point for your home. It is not only appealing to the eyes, but it also gives potential buyers a feeling of security.

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