Modern Glass Garage Door in Vancouver: Everything You Need to Know

Modern Glass Garage Door in Vancouver: Everything You Need to Know

A glass garage door is a perfect addition to any home. We’ve seen homeowners light up dark garages, boost their home’s curb appeal, and increase resale value by throwing a beautiful glass garage door into the mix. But that does not mean traditional garage doors are not appealing anymore. In fact, we recommend and provide garage door repair in Vancouver for old garage doors all the time.

However, this post covers everything you need to know before installing a brand new glass garage door.

Are Glass Garage Doors Worth It?

The short answer is a resounding yes. Besides boosting the curb appeal, a glass garage door is rust, decay, and insect-proof. These are usually the biggest pain points of steel and wooden products, and you won’t believe how much our clients save in repairs by simply switching to glass.

Our clientele also loves the unbeatable light transmission that comes with a glass garage door. Some of them come to us hoping to transform a really dark garage into a livable space while still maintaining privacy. And we respond with an aluminum and frosted glass combo that keeps peeping toms out, even when the garage light is on at night. Most of these clients end up converting these spaces into an extra bedroom, office, or entertainment lounge.

If safety is a concern, a combination of thicker glass and a steel frame should do the trick. This setup delivers all the benefits of a glass door but with added security. However, that might also mean spending a considerable amount of money on the home upgrade.

Are Glass Garage Doors Insulated?

Insulation of glass is one of the hottest topics among homeowners as nobody wants to spend a fortune on heating. Still, most high-quality glass materials have insulation capabilities that allow people to use them with little to no problems.

Ideally, we can install glass with a higher insulation level than that of wood, which may increase your installation costs. However, after the installation, your energy bill may be lower because of using better insulation.

What Is the Cost of Installing a Glass Garage Door?

Unfortunately, there’s no straight answer to this question. But the final cost of a glass garage door depends on its size, type of glass used, and labour costs. Prices start at around $3,000, and they can go as high as $15,000 if you factor in labour costs and delivery fees.

Titan Garage Doors

Titan garage doors is a top-rated company that handles new installs and repairs of garage doors in Vancouver. Most of our clients come to us looking to upgrade the look of their homes, and they are usually pleasantly surprised by the glass garage door range. Competitive pricing and same-day service are the things that give us an edge over the competition.

For more information, quotes, and advice on glass garage doors, visit https://titangaragedoors.ca/.

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