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Despite being known for its stunning natural beauty and luxurious housing, West Vancouver has been ranked Canada’s 57th most dangerous city this year, according to the Crime Severity Index. Thankfully, no homicides have been reported in WV, but other offences such as assault, sexual assault, and robbery have occurred multiple times. The population is advised to check that their home security is up to standard and that all entrances to the house are secured.

Garage Door Repairs in West Vancouver

Garage doors are one point of entry that criminals like to use. They know that people often store expensive items in the garage such as bicycles, tools and sports equipment, not to mention the vehicles. The garage door and motor need to be in a good state of repair so that they cannot be forced open at will.

Why Call the Professionals?

Many people are under the impression that calling in a professional door repair company is an expensive option, but it could prove to be even more expensive to do it yourself or to call in a handyman with no in-depth knowledge of garage doors.

DIY is great when your home needs repainting, or shelving needs to put on a wall. You can certainly save yourself a lot of cash this way. That said, DIY on a garage door can be dangerous. There’s a high risk of injury as a lot of these doors are heavy- almost two hundred kilograms. The torsion springs have sufficient potential energy to move this weight quickly and easily. As you can imagine, this energy can do you a great deal of damage should an accident occur.

The technicians at Titan Garage Doors have repaired hundreds of garage doors and are specially trained to work safely. It makes sense to let them repair your garage door opener, cables, and door springs while you remain safe.

Calling in an amateur or doing it yourself will also invalidate your garage door warranty. Don’t risk this- rely on Titan Garage Doors instead.

Amateur repairs can result in the door’s security being compromised. Even a slight gap when the door doesn’t close the whole way can provide criminals with an opportunity to price it open. We’ve even heard of intruders using a piece of bent wire to reach under the door to hook the emergency release!

Who needs visits to the emergency room or risk burglars getting into their garage? Do it the easy, economical way with Titan Garage Doors.

Titan Garage Door Repair is Here to Help

Our techs are friendly our call center is approachable, highly trained and eager to help. Additionally, our technicians are experienced and have serviced and repaired hundreds of garage doors in the Vancouver area. The best part is we repair any make and model of door.

24-Hour Emergency Garage Door Repairs In West Vancouver

Nobody can predict when your garage door is going to give issues. Murphy’s law says it will be at the most inconvenient time. Feel free to call on us any time of the day or night. We have technicians standing by who will be able to get to your home and deal with the problem within hours.

The Personal Touch

At Titan Garage Doors, we pride ourselves for being a local business with a personal touch. We’ve been providing customers with top-notch residential garage door repair in West Vancouver for many, many years.

We’re Affordable

We hear you- owning your own home is expensive. Therefore we do our best to keep our costs low yet still provide amazing service. We also take care to use only quality materials that last for years to come.

Professional Maintenance Schedules

There’s no need to wait for something to go wrong before calling us. Our skilled technicians can service your door and its components at regular intervals for a very reasonable cost.

Call Us Today

For efficient and affordable garage door repair in West Vancouver, give us a call on 604-313-0108. Our helpful staff will be more than happy to provide a free estimate.

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