Top 6 Most Common Garage Door Issues For Repair

Top 6 Most Common Garage Door Issues For Repair

Garage doors play an important safety role on our properties. Unfortunately, like any other part, garage doors do face problems after some point. It is frustrating when the door won’t work right. While there are garage door issues you can resolve by yourself, you may need to call in a professional to do accurate repairs to get the garage door back in shape. Understanding the common repair problems can help you know when a repair technician’s visit is warranted.

Garage door cables have snapped

There is so much energy produced when a garage door torsion spring breaks leading to a cut in the cable. The momentum resulting from the break can be of huge damage to anything that is near the door. When you experience such fault on your garage door, look for a seasoned contractor providing garage door repair in Maple Ridge to repair it for you.

Sensitivity is out of control

This situation will not only happen to old doors, but to new or repaired ones as well. The main reason for the incident is the opener fails to release as it is not able to establish the correct door weight especially if the sensitivity is wrongly set. For proper functioning, use the manufacturer’s manual to try and see if the sensitivity is correctly set. Make corrections to the close force with the correct limit shift settings according to the manual for better results.

Wrong garage door limit settings

For new doors, you might notice that it does not stay in its closed position, and instead, it pulls back up. This can also be experienced with doors that require adjustments. Most often, the main cause is the open and close limit setting for the door’s opener. Correct door opener settings are important in providing instructions on the specific opening distance before it closes again. What will happen if your limit is high? The opener won’t be in a position to recoil and the door will hit the ground before making an automatic contrary movement.

Tension cables or springs are broken

Whenever the garage door begins closing, its momentum is held in check by tension springs and cables providing a safe lowering. When the springs or cables are not functioning, the door closing speed will not be checked and it will fall at a faster rate usually resulting in a bang. Anything that lies beneath the door is thus likely to be crushed under the weight and falling speed. Once you notice an issue with the springs or cables, it is suggested to get a technician specializing in garage door repair in Surrey to check and fix it.

The springs and the cables work in cohesion to keep the door stable. If the springs break, there will be too much strain put on the cable causing an eventual break. The uncoiling effect produced during a break will cause the cables to soar with an elastic outcome. If you have ever been hurt by the uncoiling effect of a rubber band, you are close to what a broken cable can do only that you have to multiply the pain a number of times to meet the weight and size of the garage door.

Track misalignment

Smooth movement of the door is aided by tracks that have to be in perfect condition to facilitate this. Wear and tear happen after the usage for a period of time and they become uneven. The functionality of the door at this stage is reduced making it hard to close and open. If you decide to make the repairs on your own, beware of the injuries you might be subject to. Get the services of a professional to do the work for you satisfactorily.

Sensor issues

Just like any other wear and tear, door sensors are bound to malfunction. A door with bad sensors will not be smooth while opening or closing. This is not an issue that should deprive you of sleep at all. All door repair service provider is made of a very seasoned team that will deal with the same with the professionalism it deserves.

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