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Firstly, When it comes to garage door repair. Whether you need to get a brand new spring, panel replacement or just for routine maintenance. Titan Garage Doors will assist you in repairing your Garage Door in no time 24/7. Also, Before we leave we will ensure you that your garage door is working as new and schedule your appointment at your continence and urgency.

General Garage Door Services

  • Bent or damaged panel replacement

  • Bent or off track rails fix & repair

  • Door parts repair and replace

  • General garage door maintenance

  • Noise Reduction service

  • New garage doors installation

  • Garage door alignment

Cable & Spring Services

  • Installation of Cables and springs

  • Garage door spring adjustment

  • Broken spring repair / replacement

  • Torsion / Extension spring service

Remotes and Opener Services

  • Opener maintenance & adjustments

  • Transmitters and receivers service

  • Sensor replacement, alignment or fixing

  • Exterior keypad installation

  • Full installation of new opener system

  • Remote code programming

Garage Door Repair Vancouver

Fix your garage door contact us today

Garage Door Repair Vancouver

There are some common ways that a garage door that is not properly maintained can fail. For example, The garage door spring could need replacing, or the garage door cable, or even something as simple as a failure in the garage door remote’s inner workings. But, The team at Titan Garage doors are able to repair any of these garage door failures and many more. Also, what is more important is that they are able to do it in a safe and controlled manner. To clarify, There are dangers with attempting to repair some elements of a garage door without the proper training and experience. Moreover,  This is especially true when you need to repair or replace a garage door spring. The amount of energy that is waiting to be released in one of these springs is massive. So, It is very important that if you need a garage door repair to be performed, you must contact a trained member of the Titan Garage Doors team. They have extensive training in all aspects of garage door repair and can be at any location in the Abbotsford, Burnaby, Coquitlam, Delta, Langley, Maple Ridge, Surrey, and Vancouver area the very same day that you call 604 313 0108.

Garage Doors Metro Van

As garage doors come in many shapes and sizes, the advice you find online may not be exactly the right instructions you need. Further, this can lead to a potentially harmful series of errors. Also, the Titan Garage Doors team are familiar with any and all garage door repair needs.

Further, Having a fully functional garage door is vital to the safety and security of any home. So, by contacting Titan Garage Doors you will be sure that you not only have the very best repair service, you have also started a relationship that will ensure that your garage door repair needs are always met. Also, After your garage door is repaired by one of our team, you can then look at our maintenance service and relax in the knowledge that you will never need an emergency garage door repair ever again.

Fix your garage door contact us today

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