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Situated just east of Vancouver, Burnaby is an attractive city with a wonderfully mild climate compared to the rest of Canada. The level of crime is fairly low here, but there has been a moderate increase over the past three years. The main crimes committed in the area are assault, vehicle theft, robbery, along with breaking and entering.

Garage Door Opener repair

One recent incident involved a burglar gaining access to a home via the garage door. Luckily, the family was not at home, but the invader made off with all the wife’s jewelry. Much of it, unfortunately, was a treasured heirloom. This unfortunate incident goes to show that from the viewpoint of a burgular, the garage is often the easiest route into a home. The garage is often a little isolated from the rest of the home, allowing thieves to slip inside unnoticed. From there they easily gain entrance to the home.

Even if they cannot get into the house, burglars love the garage because they will usually find expensive, easy to sell items inside, such as lawnmowers, power tools, and bicycles, not to mention the vehicle.

Faulty door mechanisms and worn cables make it that much easier for a burglar to open the garage door. This is why it’s so important to have your garage door checked periodically.

Why Call the Professionals?

Your family’s safety depends on your home being secure. Is it really worth it to have an inexperienced person check, maintain and repair this critical point of access to your home? Our technicians at Titan Garage Doors have years of experience and can service and repair any make of garage door.

There’s always a temptation to try and save money by attempting home repairs yourself. This is, however, not recommended. Garage doors are heavy, and mistakes can lead to serious accidents. Replacing garage door springs, in particular, is a job for experts. In fact, hiring amateur handymen to repair your door opens you up to all kinds of problems–from poor workmanship to low-quality materials. Worst of all, it can also negate your warranty.

Why do it yourself or pay an amateur only to have to call on the experts when things go wrong a few weeks down the road? Titan can get it done right the first time.

Titan Garage Door Repair is Here to Help

Trusted. Titan is a trusted, specialist door repair business working in the Burnaby area and beyond. We’re well known in the area and have received excellent customer reviews over the years.

Same Day Service

The security and safety of your family and your home is compromised when your garage door breaks, so you need it repaired immediately. Don’t worry. Our technicians are standing by to help you within hours of your call. We’ll come to your premises, diagnose your problem, and give you a cost estimate for the repairs.

Emergency 24-Hour Call-Out

We repair garage doors any time of the day or night. Give us a call. Our staff is ready and waiting to help.

Affordable Services

Homeowners have ongoing expenses for all kinds of things, from water leaks to heating problems. That’s why we try to keep our costs reasonable while still using quality materials.

Scheduled Maintenance Services

There’s no need to wait for something to break before giving us a call. Stop problems before they happen by letting us clean and lubricate your rollers, check the springs and cables, and keep the motor working smoothly.

Call Titan Today

At Titan Garage Door Repair, we value our excellent reputation in the Vancouver area. That’s the reason you can trust us to give you highly professional services, excellent workmanship, and quality parts. All our work is guaranteed, and our expert technicians are the best in the area. Contact us on 604-313-0108 to speak with one of our experts 24 hours a day, and 7 days a week

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