garage door repair services in deltaThe team at Titan Garage Doors works diligently to provide their Delta customers with the very best possible garage door for their home or business. From the repair and replacement of some of the components of the garage door to a completely new garage door install we are equipped to handle anything.

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General Garage Door Services

Bent or damaged panel replacement
Bent or off track rails fix & repair
Door parts repair and replace
General garage door maintenance
Noise Reduction service
New garage doors installation
Garage door alignment

Cable & Spring Services

Installation of Cables and springs
Garage door spring adjustment
Broken spring repair / replacement
Torsion / Extension spring service

Remotes and Opener Services

Opener maintenance & adjustments
Transmitters and receivers service
Sensor replacement, alignment or fixing
Exterior keypad installation
Full installation of new opener system
Remote code programming

We offer full service garage door repair and installation in Delta, including but not limited to

● One of the most common causes for a garage door to stop working it that the spring needs to be replaced. This is not something that should be done as part of a do it yourself project, The springs used in garage doors are very powerful and removing them needs to be done with great care.
● Garage door cables are vital to the workings of a garage door, the Titan team can install a new garage door cable quickly and easily in such a way that it will continue to work well for years to come. Any mistakes in the installation process can potentially cause the garage door to become damaged.
● Without a garage door opener and remote system installed in you Delta garage you may find that you are constantly frustrated on a daily basis as you leave to go to work and come home at the end of the day. Save time and energy by replacing a chore with a click of a button.
● You can be the proud owner of a brand new garage door. Many homeowners in Delta underestimate the impact that a new garage door install can have on their home’s appearance.

If you are in Delta and need a new garage door installed or you are looking to have an existing garage door repaired or replaced then don’t hesitate to get in touch with Titan Garage Doors today at 604 313 0108.

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