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fort langley garage door servicesMany people in the Fort Langley area have taken advantage of our extensive range of garage door replacement and repair services. As experts in our field, we are able to provide our customers the garage door solutions that they have been looking for.

When a garage door works well, it is easy to pay it no attention, however the moment your Fort Langley garage door refuses to open for you it can become a very big problem. By having a member or the Titan Garage Doors team correctly install a new garage door you can be sure that your door will continue to function well for many years to come.

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General Garage Door Services

  • Bent or damaged panel replacement

  • Bent or off track rails fix & repair

  • Door parts repair and replace

  • General garage door maintenance

  • Noise Reduction service

  • New garage doors installation

  • Garage door alignment

Cable & Spring Services

  • Installation of Cables and springs

  • Garage door spring adjustment

  • Broken spring repair / replacement

  • Torsion / Extension spring service

Remotes and Opener Services

  • Opener maintenance & adjustments

  • Transmitters and receivers service

  • Sensor replacement, alignment or fixing

  • Exterior keypad installation

  • Full installation of new opener system

  • Remote code programming

Garage Door Services offered in Fort Langley:

● One of the most common causes for a garage door to malfunction is when the spring either breaks or loses some of its tensile strength. This may seem like a simple job, however, without the proper training it can be very dangerous. Garage springs are under an extreme amount of strain and if they snap or spring back on you it can cause serious injury. For this reason it is best to have an expert repair or replace your Fort Langley garage door spring.

● If you have noticed that your garage door is a little sluggish than usual, the main cause could be that the cable has come loose, or was not installed properly to begin with. Improper installation of your Fort Langley garage door cable can cause damage to the whole mechanism so having a trained installation expert is recommended.

● Remote garage door opener installation can be a delicate procedure. While it is possible to do this yourself in your Fort Langley home, it is best to have a professional do this for you. Our team will not leave you until the garage door opener has been tested and works well.

● We can completely replace your garage door in one swift procedure. Many Fort Langley homes have received a much needed facelift from the installation of our garage doors.

If you are in Fort Langley and need a new garage door installed or you are looking to have an existing garage door repaired or replaced then don’t hesitate to get in touch with Titan Garage Doors today at 604 313 0108.

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