What You Should Know About Garage Door Torsion Springs

What You Should Know About Garage Door Torsion Springs


It’s crucial that you have the ideal garage door springs on your door. Also, if you notice that you have a broken or snapped spring and want to replace it, it is imperative that you change it with precisely the very same spring that was developed for your specific door. You must always remember that each spring is peculiar to each particular door.

In our stock, we bring various wire sizes, including both left hand and right-hand applications. Also, we provide different spring lengths as required by your particular door. Each spring has its torque score. This merely indicates that with every turn that we place in the spring, it produces a specific quantity of torque.

Typically we hear people say “well I can just make an extra turn or two to it”. The issue with that is that if you put more turns than the spring requires then the door has excessive spring. This means the door opener will have more work to do. Hence, when it’s open, and the garage door opener will be combating against the excess spring stress which is not a recommended thing to do.

garage doors torsion springs

In case your garage door isn’t well-balanced it can trigger all kinds of issues with your opener in the future. If it’s not balanced correctly, it can trigger unneeded wear on the hardware. Here, the most crucial thing is that it puts the door in a possibly hazardous scenario. You need to have the ability to raise an expertly well-balanced door with two fingers without the opener linked. If you cannot do this, then your door is not well balanced.

Most people have the misconception that their garage door ought not to be balanced since they have an opener to do all the heavy lifting. This is very wrong and misleading. You should know that a garage door opener is only created to move a well-balanced weight. It’s just there to offer the same quantity of force as your two fingers. So if you cannot lift the door with your two fingers, it is unlikely your opener will be able to do otherwise.

Hopefully, you now understand that a garage door torsion spring is not always just a spring. They’re all distinct and unique for numerous applications and reasons. If you’re in search of a replacement part, you ought to seriously think about it before making a decision.

Intro to Standard Torsion Springs

broken garage door spring

Ordinarily, a standard torsion spring has a fixed cone which protects the spring to the spring anchor bracket. When setting up the torsion spring, the coils of the spring are wound up to produce a lot of torque. Traditionally, the torque transmits from the shaft to the cable drum. Hence, this causes it to pull the cable and the rear of the garage door up.

The cable securely wraps around the cable drum, and the wire goes down to the bottom of the garage door, attaching firmly to the bottom bracket.

As an outcome, a correctly running garage door with the ideal springs does not have to weigh almost as much as the garage door itself. When this concept holds real through the period of the door’s travel, the door is well balanced.

Torsion springs can be complicated. Hence, we encourage you to call us or email us if you need our professional help. We’re always delighted to assist you to find just the ideal garage door torsion spring for your garage doors.


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