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Garage Door Opener Installation And Service

Let us talk briefly about garage door openers or garage door operators. There are a few things that it is a good idea to know about that wonderful mechanism that opens and closes your garage. We believe that having as much information as possible is better for both us and our customers.

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Manual Push Up Mechanism

The most basic mechanism that opens a garage door is the manual push up. This mechanism allows the garage door to be lifted by hand and pushed up to open and pulled down to close. Springs are often used as part of such a mechanism to facilitate the door motion because very often the garage doors are quite heavy. In garage doors that are tall, a pull-down rope is used to pull the door from above into hands reach.

Even though this mechanism is relatively basic, proper installation is essential. There are details, such as lift handles and step plates, that must be located and installed in a certain position and in a proper manner in order to ensure the proper functioning of the garage door.

Manual Chain Hoists

A garage door that has a shaft element and compression spring bumpers as part of its mechanism, can be installed with a manual chain hoist.

Commercial or industrial garage doors that are equipped with a shaft are usually operated by a chain hoist mechanism. Especially High lift or Vertical lift garage doors, for which this mechanism is very well suited.

Before installing or even ordering a new garage door it is essential to know either a chain hoist mechanism is going to be installed on this door or not. Since if the chain hoist mechanism is to be installed, it requires a door with a solid keyed shaft. It is a good idea to consult a garage door technician who will be able to provide you with a detailed explanation about this subject.

2 types of chain hoists for sectional doors:

Direct Drive Unit which mounts directly to the garage door. It functions in a one-to-one reduction manner, which means that one revolution of the chain hoist is equal to one revolution of the door shaft. This mechanism works best for smaller and lighter doors.

Gear Reduction Unit usually functions in a three-to-one or four-to-one manner. This mechanism is best suited for larger, heavier garage doors. This hoist can be mounted in several locations: on the wall, track, or directly on the shaft. An experienced technician will know which position of the hoist will suit a particular door best. Especially that some chain hoists are equipped with an electric operator.

Residential Electric garage door Operators

Commonly referred to as “residential openers” they often come with a remote control so that the garage door can be opened from outside the garage and from a distance.

4 main types of operators

Chain Drive

 consists of a roller chain and sprocket system. It is the cheapest out of the three but also the one to produce the most noise, which makes it non-suitable for attached garages because of the noise it produces.

Belt Drive 

applies a cogged and a pulley system. Most common out of the three. Not as noisy as the chain drive but also more expensive.

Screw Drive

 is equipped with worm gear and a threaded shaft that resembles a screw. It is the least common; you would rarely see one attached to a modern garage door.

Direct Drive

does not have a rail and connects directly to the shaft. Considered to be high-end because of the higher price, and it is also the quietest unit since the mechanism has fewer moving parts. You may consider this type of opener if you are interested in having more headroom space.

It is crucial to verify that those mechanisms are certified by UL or ETL because that would mean they are the safest for residential use. The certification ensures that they are designed in a ” fail-safe manner.”

Talk to your garage door technician

An opener makes the garage door more convenient for use, but it does not ensure its functioning. A garage door should function and be handled manually when disconnected from the operator. The operators that are designed for standard lift or low headroom garage doors required to be positioned in a certain manner and in a specific distance from the door arch. An experienced technician will know how to properly position and install the opener.

Ask your technician to show you how to disconnect the drawbar operator, so that the garage door can be opened manually. That will come in handy in case of a power outage.

A residential jackshaft is another type of electric operator during the installation of which it is crucial to follow manufacturer instruction with high precision. Those operators turn the counterbalance shaft in order to move the door and must be installed with a cable tension monitor.

We at Titan Garage Doors believe in sharing our knowledge with our customers. We apply this knowledge daily when we come and work with your garage door. Give us a call if you encounter issues with your garage door opener or have questions. We are here for you and your garage door.

Garage Door Opener Maintenance and repair

To ensure that your opener and remote are functioning well you should inspect them regularly, and monitor their performance. If you do notice anything out of the ordinary or sluggish response to the garage door remote you should contact a member of the Titan Garage Doors. we service the following:  Abbotsford,


 DeltaLangleyMaple RidgeSurreyNew Westminster, Pitt Meadows, White RockVancouverNorth VancouverWest VancouverRichmond.

The garage door opener is a necessity in particular if you happen to live in a place with extreme weather.  Having the convenience of staying in your car until you are in your garage with the door closed. So having peace of mind knowing that an experienced garage door technician is at reach 24/7. If you are in need of an opener repair we are just a phone call away. If you do need one of our dedicated, highly-trained specialists to repair or replace your remote or opener then contact us at 604 313 0108.

With many years of experience handling the repair and replacement of all of the components of an opener or remote replacement or repair.

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We provide emergency service to both our commercial and residential customers, whether it is your home, business or underground parkade.

Our techs service all brands some of our favourites are Manaras and lift-Master. We carry original accessories and parts. our installation service is backed by our 1-year warranty.

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