How Do I Program My Garage Door Remote?

How Do I Program My Garage Door Remote?

Although many modern garage door opener brands offer remote control functionality for their garage door models, the essential concepts of programming the devices are pretty similar. Whether you are replacing a broken remote on your own or contracting a professional garage door repair company, it would be helpful to have a guideline on how to program a garage door opener remote.

You can follow the instructions below to sync your new clicker to your garage door opener remotely.

Getting Started

First, find out if your remote works with a DIP(Dual Inline Package) switch or rolling code technology.

Programming Remotes With DIP Switch Codes

DIP switches work with older garage door openers. You can find DIP switches on the remote control, generally around the battery section. All you have to do is access them below the sliding cover. They typically resemble a short series of 8- 12 switches housed in a single compact enclosure. It is worth noting that these might be slide or on/off switches that rock(rocker switches).

The programming process aims to match the sequence of your controller’s switches with the receiver at the rear of the motorhead or mounted nearby.

Once those patterns match, and you’ve confirmed that the garage door is clear of any obstructions, click on the button that controls your garage door from your remote controller. When you do so, your door should move in the same manner to match the switch’s alignment.

What To Do If Your Door Doesn’t Move

You should closely look at the housing enclosing your controller in case your door doesn’t move. Note that some product manufacturers position their switches inversely. Therefore, you’ll need to flip all remote switches to the other direction to retest your controller.

Programming Remotes With Rolling Passcodes

For protection, modern remote controllers use the rolling codes technology, which makes their programming straightforward. However, they have various configuration features. You should therefore read the user manual that comes with your controller carefully before beginning the process.

Nonetheless, these steps are universal across most remote controllers in the market today.


  1. Find the “Learn” button on your remote.
  2. Get up your ladder cautiously to where you can access the bottom of your garage door opener device with the controller in your hand. After that, take out what encloses the lens to reach the Learn button (mostly purple or orange in colours).
  3. Check your garage door opener manual for a better graphic representation if you can’t still find the learn button.
  4. Once you locate the ‘learn’ button, press it to blink.
  5. When the light flashes in the opener, click on your controller’s ‘open’ button.
  6. You have a 30 second time limit to finish pairing your garage door and the remote controller.
  7. While most remotes pair instantly, you should give the procedure a minute to conclude. After that, check your garage door by pressing the ‘open’ key on your remote once again. You shall have successfully configured your controller if it unlocks.

Various garage doors have different specifications; the methods above are meant to be used as general references rather than exact directions. If any questions arise, contact us at Titan Garage Doors Coquitlam. You can count on our garage door services in North Vancouver, including the installation of new doors and their maintenance. We also provide a garage door repair service in Maple Ridge, Abbotsford, Burnaby, Coquitlam, Delta, Langley, Surrey, and Vancouver. Visit us at https://titangaragedoors.ca/ to learn more about our services.

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