Garage Door Repair Langley

As a Langley resident or homeowner, you want to be proud of your home or business. By having a Titan Garage Door visible to the whole Langley community you can be sure that everyone knows you want your home to look good. After a garage door installation or repair, your garage will not only look good, it will operate with great efficiency. It will open and close at the push of a button with a properly installed remote too!

Owning a home is not an easy task; there will be maintenance and repair weather its a brand new home or and an older one. You will face this when most unexpected! 

It can range from a clogged sink or toilet, a broken furnace, a leaking roof or a busted garage door

some of these issues you can tackle yourself. Some will be too complex and risky and time-consuming, and here at titan garage doors, we know you have better and much more important activities to attend!

For each of these home-related malfunctions, you will need an expert to address it immediately in the most professional way! These experts are hard to find, and even when you find one, it is a 50/50 chance you can trust them with your property. If you ended up here, you are most likely looking for help in getting your garage door back in order! 

We can assure you we are the right and best choice when it comes to your garage door. 

Please Don’t Take our word for it. Read what customers like you had to say. 

We have over 300 5-star reviews!you can find it on our google pages and Facebook page. 

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Why Are We the best fit to tackle any garage door related to repair in your langley home?

  1. We are not a big corporation that cares only about money; we are family-owned and operated local business!
  2. We provide same-day service to the residents of langley bc.
  3. Our pars and not cheap generic ones they are all original OEM part that will last as the original ones!
  4. We got it covered literally! Five million in general liability insurance.
  5. Our prices are the best in the market.
  6. We repair what’s broken- nothing more.
  7. We have the best in industry warranty options.
  8. We cater to residential customers and commercial ones
  9. your satisfaction is our number one goal.

One of my clickers got stolen, what should I do.

First of all, call the police at the non-emergency line to notify them; burglars target several houses on the same st for more chances of success.  

Most likely, you are not the only victim.  

It can be extremely stressful. Knowing a stranger has access to your garage or home. 

here are a few steps on how to reset the opener and prevent access to your garage

  • There is a lock button or switch on the wall control panel that prevents the use of any remote and limits the operation only to the wall control panel.
  • disconnect the opener from the power supply – remember you would need to lock the door
  • rest the codes or frequency of the opener – this varies with every model and make of opener, refer to the user manual

If, after these steps, you are still struggling to rest or have any questions, please contact us for same-day emergency service. 

Based on 386 reviews
Clay Fisher
Clay Fisher
This company is great. I got home from work late Friday afternoon and noticed my garage door torsion spring snapped. Called these guys up and was over in 25 mins and fixed my door in even less time. The tech they sent “Moses” was super nice and very professional. I recommend Titan Garage Doors all day!
Craig Curley
Craig Curley
Both my springs broke on my double garage. I want expecting someone to come the same day but they were able to, they addressed the issue, gave me a cost and had the right springs on them. They also noted the springs I had were not the right rating and suggested a stronger spring. They explained the repairs, installed them and I was able to get my car out within an hour. Super friendly and willing to explain the work done. Will use again and definitely recommend!
PRL Woodworks
PRL Woodworks
Excellent same day service. I called around 2:30 and by 5:30 I had a new opener installed. Very professional and respectful
Viktor Kokoruza
Viktor Kokoruza
Great service. Moses did a great job in u see 3 hours after initial call. Thanks!
Ruth Lee
Ruth Lee
Great and efficient service. Moses was friendly, knowledgeable and answered all our questions efficiently. Will definitely recommend him to others if need their garage door repair or replaced.
Maria-Elissa Jaggard
Maria-Elissa Jaggard
My technician is Moses. He is really warm and easy to talk to; very skilled and knows how to trouble shoot anything about installing garage doors! I highly recommend Titan Garage Doors if you need a new one! If I could give them 10 stars the service is a definite 10/10!
Olivier Leroux
Olivier Leroux
Moses is amazing! Our two-car garage door spring decided to break this afternoon. I gave Titan Doors a call after finding some good reviews online. Moses was at our home within 2 hours with 2 new springs which he replaced in half an hour. He then proceeded to calibrate everything and oiled all the hinges. The price was below was I was expecting it would cost. Never thought the whole process would be so fast and pain free. I will not hesitate to call them again in the future.
David and Barb Wilson
David and Barb Wilson
Fabulous service. We called Friday afternoon, Sergii arrived Saturday morning and we had a working garage door inside of 30 minutes. Incredibly efficient repair and very reasonable. Sergii was a great guy, quickly figured out the problem, repaired it and gave a few good tips for maintenance. We will use them again as needed and definitely for regular maintenance. Brilliant all round. David
Kyle Werier
Kyle Werier
Sergii was outstanding, promt and had all parts with him. We had all our equiptment trapped in garage. The service was fantastic and we are back running in couple hrs. From call to complete perfect service. All the prices were reasonable.
Paul Yun
Paul Yun
Found out my garage door spring snapped late the day before. Called titan in the morning, had someone Moses/Moshe (?) come out and fix the spring within a couple hours.

How to break in into your garage in the case of a lockout

Imagine this you are on the way home after picking up the kids from daycare or school. You arrive home only to find out you left the remote in the garage! No worries, I will try to explain how to unlock the garage.

The tools you would need: 

  • a coat hanger or wire about 5 ft long
  • a wedge or a locksmith airbag to pray the door
  • a flashlight.

The first step is to pry the top panel to make a gap at least a couple inch wide.

Take the wire or coat hanger and shape it as a long hook.

 All you need to do is to fish the emergency release cord, and disengage the garage door from the opener!

If you still need help, we can get it done for you, call us and take advantage of our emergency garage door service.

The Standard Cost For A Garage Door Repair In Langley

When it comes to the garage door, many components can break.

Here is a breakdown of some common garage door malfunctions

Broken springs (residential doors) – they will break no matter what you will do its just a matter of time the springs range in wire size, Inner diameter and length.

For a standard replacement, a spring can cost anywhere from 125-225.

  • Keep in mind that we carry springs for doors 7, and 8 ft high springs for taller garage doors require custom cut springs and do not fall under the standard
  • replacement category.

Opener repair or installation – under optimal conditions, garage door openers can last anywhere from 15-30 years. But during this time, opener parts can succumb to wear and tear and would require repair or replacement.

Opener repairs start at 125$.

  • Opener installation would start from 450$. We will balance your garage door before replacing the garage door opener

Garage door cables – cables can break to wear and tear; they can fray or disintegrate due to rust.

a simple cable repair can cost anywhere from 125$ and up

  • this does not apply to off-track garage doors

Panel replacement – a section replacement would start at about 375$ depends on door size, model, manufacturer 

If you are a Langley, BC resident, and you’re looking for a garage door repair or installation, contact us today for immediate service.

Installation And New Garage Doors Langley BC

You might only associate garage door installation with new construction. Still, living in Langley, British Columbia, can cause you to need to replace your garage door during your homeownership. Titan Garage Doors can help you with both needs.


Garage Door Installation

Our expert installers work with your construction crew to install high-end garage doors in your new home. We work well with other local building trades professionals to craft custom looks for Vancouver area homes. You can shop with us for top brands including Genie, Liftmaster, Linear, Overhead, Wayne Dalton, and Marantec. We also provide installation to replace an existing garage door. In Langley, the need to replace a garage door has developed due to weather. First, when storms hit the area, you can sustain damage to your door. This creates a short-term need for a new garage door. Langley’s location on a body of water creates a problem with rust. Older garage doors crafted of metal can develop rust issues that require replacement.

Titan provides the garage doors Langley needs on quick turnaround and expertly installed.

R Values And Garage Doors

Think of the need for a garage door to improve the look of your home as well as its safety and reduce your heating and cooling bills. If the latter surprises you, you need to learn about the r-value. That refers to the level of insulation provided. Today’s garage door models provide much better insulation than those of just a few years ago. A new garage door can give your Langley home an updated look and improve its energy efficiency. We offer a full line of choices – one-layer non-insulated steel back, two-layer semi-insulated, three-layer fully insulated, and four-layer fully insulated with an overlay garage doors. The higher the r-value, the better insulated the product, so an r-20 insulates better than an r-10-rated product. Garage door designs have come a long way since the 1950s and 1960s roll-up metal doors. You can find garage doors that roll up, but most are now crafted from aluminum, proving heartier and rust-resistant. Whether you want a short panel, a long panel, a flush, or a ribbed design, we have it.

Today’s doors also open out similar in look and styling to carriage doors from the 19th century. You can purchase these doors made from rich woods like oak or cedar or crafted from aluminum that’s styled to resemble wood. Another option, the contemporary design, features mosaic glass within the door. Choose from designs with many panes of glass or that provide a solid wood or aluminum door. We carry a large selection with choices that fit most standard-size garages, including 16’ X 8’, 10’ X 8’, 9’ X 8’, 8’ X 8’, 16’ X 7’, 10’ X 7’, 9’ X 7’, and 8’ X 7’. Your choice of a garage door can provide an entirely new look for your home.

Titan provides the garage doors Langley needs on quick turnaround and expertly installed.

Emergency Garage Door Replacement

We employ expert technicians who remain on call 24 hours per day, seven days per week. If an emergency arises, such as someone driving into your garage door, we are at your service with emergency installation. We provide same-day service and competitive pricing, so you can immediately replace your broken garage door and keep your home safe.

Our local family-owned business provides the garage doors Langley BC wants, and the immediate service residents need.

Serving Commercial and Residential Customers

Titan conducts garage door installations for both residential and commercial customers. We offer more than 50 years of combined experience, providing you with the highest quality materials and the highest quality installation. Your door installation can include an updated garage door opener, too, because we also install those. We install garage door openers beginning at $399.99 This includes door balancing so your door and motor function fluidly together.

Despite how expensive construction is in the Vancouver area, we keep our prices competitive. According to industry standards, our prices remain budget-friendly. We also provide one of the best warranties in the industry.

When you need or want a new garage door, call Titan Garage Doors. We will serve you quickly and install the garage door you choose using the best methods and expert technicians. Let us help you improve your home and update its look whether you need to quickly replace a garage door or are building a new home. Call us today at 604-313-0108 to set up an appointment.

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