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Malfunctions happen when it is least expected because Murphy’s law cannot be predicted, but you can always rely on Titan garage doors which is a top-rated Garage door company that delivers the best residential garage door repair service. We live and dream in the garage door language. Our expert technicians are available 24/7 at your service. With same-day service and competitive pricing, we keep ourselves above the competition. Family and locally owned, we know our communities and love providing the best service for our neighbours. Call us today and see the difference!

24/7 Expert Garage Door Service And Repair In The GVA

We repair, service, and install new garage doors in the residential and commercial sectors. Whether it’s for your home or office, we can help! We have over 50 years of combined experience, and we can tackle any repair work on any garage door brand. Are you having problems with your opener? We fix and install new garage door openers as well. We carry leading brands such as Liftmaster, Linear, Genie, Overhead, Wayne Dalton, Marantec, and many more. Opener repairs starting at 149.99$ or new units installed for 399.99$. Other than the affordable price, we ensure that the garage door is well balanced so that you will get the most out of your new motor.

The Culprit: Garage Door Springs

Broken springs are one of the most common malfunctions besides misaligned sensors. It might be tempting to DIY it, but better left for the experts. Our springs are made locally in Abbotsford, BC from Canadian steel. However, why did they break you might ask yourself, and the answer is simple; wear and tear of the standard spring should be rated for about 10k cycles, and when the spring reaches that point, it will snap. In some cases, torsion springs come in pairs. From a professional standpoint, we always recommend replacing both to avoid unnecessary service calls.

The Ugly Side of the Garage Doors

Imagine this; you are just about to head out to work/airport/party, and you are all pumped up. You start your car and press the clicker to open the garage door and BOOM. The garage door is going up slanted and going off track. You can’t believe what you just witnessed. What do you do now, and how do you deal with this garage door situation? Try to save some money and tackle fixing this moving wall or pick up the phone and call Titan garage door. The pros and cons Cons: you will have to pay money Pros: we will save you time and most likely a limb or two.

5 Reasons To Call Us

There are many options in the Vancouver market.
Here are just five reasons why you should call us

1. Same day service – we fix 90% of repairs in the first visit.

2. Award-winning warranty – we back our work with some of the best warranty options in the market

3. Local family business – we know what the people of the GVA want, and we love serving our community. Moreover, then what you pay will not go towards a 6th vacation home but to put our kids to school.

4.  Competitive prices – our prices are budget-friendly according to industry standards

5. Salary techs – unlike a lot of the garage doors companies in the GVA, we pay our techs salary and no commission -NO salespeople

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Same-Day Service and Emergencies

Call us if you are anywhere in the GVA from the north shore to Abbotsford for same-day service. We also have our 24/7 emergency service if you garage door malfunctions and you are stuck and cannot wait. Contact us at 604-313-0108 or via email. Satisfaction guaranteed!

Commercial Overhead Door Repair Any Day At Any Time

Having your receiving door/bay not working can bring the business to a screeching halt. For your peace of mind, we offer 24/7 emergency service. Our fully stocked work trucks and vans provide fast repairs around the clock. Check out our reviews, and see what our existing customers say!

What Is The Cost For a Garage Door Repair

How much should you pay for garage door repair

The garage door is a moving wall, and the parts that make it move will succumb to wear and tear and will require repair or replacement at some point.
When it comes to garage door springs replacement for residential doors, the labour cost can be anywhere from 120-200 plus the springs.
 Torsion spring is a better alternative; thus it will be pricier
When it comes to cables, the price range would be 125-200 plus the cost of the garage cables if it requires replacement.
Most companies will charge you a service call fee which can range anywhere from 29-165. We offer our garage door repair service in Maple Ridge, Abbotsford, Burnaby, Coquitlam, Delta, Langley, Surrey, and Vancouver.

3 Tips On How To Pick The Right Company

  •  Try to identify the problem- Perform a visual inspection: check the springs, tracks, cables, and motor and ask for a quote for the specific malfunction.
  • Get multiple quotes-Call several garage door companies and get an idea of general pricing.
  •  Check for reviews-Always check for reviews and see what other customers have to say about their experience with that company.

Facts about Garage Door Installation

We can usually price out a new garage door over the phone; therefore, we are making it easier for you to budget and understand what to expect. Garage door size: length height and some of the most standard sizes are :

  • 16X8 
  • 10X8
  • 9X8
  • 8X7
  • 16X7
  • 10X7 
  • 9X7 
  • 8X7

Garage Door Designs

Contemporary Design- with a mosaic glass setup

Vertically stacked on right side

Contemporary garage door

Wood doors- completely custom garage doors made to order

two single garage doors top section glass by amarr

Fullview Garage doors- Aluminum frame with glass throughout

Carriage house design- gives you the option to add much character to your house facade

The traditional design– which most homeowners go with (short panel, long panel, flush, ribbed).

Garage Door Construction

  •  One-layer (steel back) non-insulated
  •  Two-layer semi-insulated
  •  Three-layer fully insulated
  •  Four-layer fully insulated with an overlay
amarr garage doors insulation levels

Lift Type

 The lift-type will depend on the headroom that is available in your garage. You will measure from the top of the frame to the lowest obstacle (beams, pipes, or any other obstruction).

Standard Lift 

It has at least 12 inches of headroom, your standard residential garage door.

Low Headroom 

Less than 12 inches of headroom will have a horizontal double track 

Low Headroom Rear Torsion

This is an “upgraded” version of the low headroom setup, with the spring line mounted at the back of the horizontal track.

this isn’t an ideal setup and is done only when there is an extremely low headroom of a few inches 

Vertical Lift

The garage door will go up parallel to the wall  

suitable for commercial applications or high ceiling 

High Lift 

 a combination of standard lift and vertical lift

Colour: every garage door has a few preset options and custom colours as well.

Window placment

The Top Panel

Vertically stacked on one side

Custom Window Placment (Mosaic)

mosaic custom glass setup garage door

type of glass

Frosted Glass(Privacy)

frosted glass for a garage door

Clear  Glass (Not Privacy)

clear glass for a garage door

Dark Tint Glass (Not Privacy)

tinted glass fo a garage door

Obscure Glass (Privacy)

Spring type

Torsion Springs 

2 torsion spring setup with one broken

Extension Spring 

exstension spring on a tiltout garage door

Torque Tube AKA TorqueMaster 

torquemaster spring system wayne dalton

Contact Us!

If you need to talk with one of our technicians or to get more information or a new installation or repair service. You contact us either by phone at 604-313-0108 or via email at 

[email protected] or
[email protected] Or send us a brief message in the contact us section. In addition, you can text us; via Whatsapp or SMS

Check What Our Customers Say

Based on 386 reviews
Clay Fisher
Clay Fisher
This company is great. I got home from work late Friday afternoon and noticed my garage door torsion spring snapped. Called these guys up and was over in 25 mins and fixed my door in even less time. The tech they sent “Moses” was super nice and very professional. I recommend Titan Garage Doors all day!
Craig Curley
Craig Curley
Both my springs broke on my double garage. I want expecting someone to come the same day but they were able to, they addressed the issue, gave me a cost and had the right springs on them. They also noted the springs I had were not the right rating and suggested a stronger spring. They explained the repairs, installed them and I was able to get my car out within an hour. Super friendly and willing to explain the work done. Will use again and definitely recommend!
PRL Woodworks
PRL Woodworks
Excellent same day service. I called around 2:30 and by 5:30 I had a new opener installed. Very professional and respectful
Viktor Kokoruza
Viktor Kokoruza
Great service. Moses did a great job in u see 3 hours after initial call. Thanks!
Ruth Lee
Ruth Lee
Great and efficient service. Moses was friendly, knowledgeable and answered all our questions efficiently. Will definitely recommend him to others if need their garage door repair or replaced.
Maria-Elissa Jaggard
Maria-Elissa Jaggard
My technician is Moses. He is really warm and easy to talk to; very skilled and knows how to trouble shoot anything about installing garage doors! I highly recommend Titan Garage Doors if you need a new one! If I could give them 10 stars the service is a definite 10/10!
Olivier Leroux
Olivier Leroux
Moses is amazing! Our two-car garage door spring decided to break this afternoon. I gave Titan Doors a call after finding some good reviews online. Moses was at our home within 2 hours with 2 new springs which he replaced in half an hour. He then proceeded to calibrate everything and oiled all the hinges. The price was below was I was expecting it would cost. Never thought the whole process would be so fast and pain free. I will not hesitate to call them again in the future.
David and Barb Wilson
David and Barb Wilson
Fabulous service. We called Friday afternoon, Sergii arrived Saturday morning and we had a working garage door inside of 30 minutes. Incredibly efficient repair and very reasonable. Sergii was a great guy, quickly figured out the problem, repaired it and gave a few good tips for maintenance. We will use them again as needed and definitely for regular maintenance. Brilliant all round. David
Kyle Werier
Kyle Werier
Sergii was outstanding, promt and had all parts with him. We had all our equiptment trapped in garage. The service was fantastic and we are back running in couple hrs. From call to complete perfect service. All the prices were reasonable.
Paul Yun
Paul Yun
Found out my garage door spring snapped late the day before. Called titan in the morning, had someone Moses/Moshe (?) come out and fix the spring within a couple hours.
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