Top 7 Garage Door Openers.

At Titan Garage Doors, we believe in an outstanding experience and high-quality parts, when this comes to openers we believe that a quality unit can last anywhere from 15-30 years when maintained properly, therefore; we have made a list of our top picks for 7 best garage door openers

Best Garage Door Opener Overall

liftmaster 8500w jackshaft

Elite Series 8500 “JackShaft” Garage Door Opener

The high-end garage door opener, our own personal favourite. Quiet, powerful, built-in WiFi, smooth start/smooth finish, space saver, auto-lock included and back-up battery ready. Use the overhead space for storage! Or even a car lift. User Manual For 8500W


Best DC Backup Battery Model

liftmaster 8550w

Elite Series 8550

Always on even when the power is out with its back-up battery. 3/4 Hp DC motor that won’t let you down, for those big heavy doors. Built-in WiFi, quiet belt drive ideal for attached garages.User Manual For 8550W

Best Premium Chain Model

liftmaster 8365

Premium Series 8365

Rugged and reliable, packing 1/2 HP AC motor chain driven, With built-in WiFi the perfect pairing of style, reliability, and performance. This unit is built to LAST!

liftmaster 8360w

Premium Series 8360

A Premium Series model provides strength and performance, comes with Security+ 2.0® and MyQ® Technology and an optional back-up battery system. An excellent choice


The Crowd-Pleaser 

liftmaster 8355w

Premium Series 8355

This Premium Series Garage Door Opener provides reliable, efficient performance in the long run. The Motor Vibration Isolation System provides a quiet, smooth operation optimal for attached garages and townhouses. It comes with built-in MyQ® Technology. User Manual For 8355W 


Best Entry Level

liftmaster 8165w

Contractor Series  8165w

This contractor series garage door opener is an amazing option if you are looking for a robust entry-level unit that will serve you for many years to come, chain driven with MyQ built-in technology for smartphone monitoring and control User Manual For 8165W

Best Value Pick

linear lcdo800

Linear LCDO800

This ultra-quiet opener packs 3/4 HP motor, Back-up battery ready with smooth start and smooth finish. This unit is built to last chain or belt. This unit is one of our favourites! User Manual For LCDO800

Always remember to get a certified dealer to do you garage door opener installation

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