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Garage Door Advice From The Initial Call

You just bought a new house or building one; picking a garage door is not an easy task and many questions can arise:

-what is an insulated door?

insulated, non-insulated and semi insulated garage doors

-Are there different kinds of insulation?


-what is an R-value?

different r value chart

– is there a difference in price between an insulated garage door and a non-insulated?

-what colour should I get?

garage door standard colors

-should I add windows to the garage door? 

-what is the better option; two single-car garages or one double car door?

-which is better a rollup door vs. sectional overhead?

-what panel design should I go for?

-flush mount garage doors? 

-how can I get an estimate and is it free?

Residential Garage Doors

Commercial Garage doors

Garage Door Size and How To Measure It

Before calling a garage door company for information and quotes, you would need to measure your door; you would need to know the height and width of the door and the amount of headroom you have 

There are two measurements; the actual opening and door size.

You will be surprised that it is not so uncommon that you might have the wrong size garage door installed. This is the reason we have the actual opening measurement where you would measure the garage opening for the width from one end of the finished frame to the other outer frame on the other side. Also, we would measure the height from the concrete slab to the frame on the top.

To measure the headroom, you will need to the lowest point at your garage, most of the time it would be a support beam or a pipe and measure the distance from that lowest point to the floor.

For example, if your garage door is 7ft high and the distance from the floor to the lowest point in your garage is 8ft, you have one foot of headroom.

Insulated Garage Door vs Non-Insulated Garage Door

When it comes to deciding whether to go with an insulated garage door or not, there are a few things you should consider

Budget – Upgrading to an insulated door would cost about 20% more.


Durability – an insulated door would be much sturdier and would last for a more extended period. 

the most durable garage doors

Weight – Even though all newer metal doors are relatively light compared to their wooden counterparts, a non-insulated door would be much lighter than an insulated one.

Warranty – Generally speaking insulated garage doors have better more extended warranty options 


Standard Size 

There is no such thing as standard size garage doors; all garage doors are available in a lot of different sizes and can be custom made for your garage.

On the other hand, there are some common garage door sizes.

The most common for a double car garage is 16 wide by 7 high, being the most common size. 

For a single-car door, 9 wide by 7 high would be the most common.

This could be a good starting point to fish for quotes and estimates. 

For more info, you can use this valuable link for more information.

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