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 In the heart of Maple Ridge, British Columbia, Titan Garage Doors LTD is the trusted name for all your garage door needs. We deliver top-notch repair services and bring our expertise to the forefront in every interaction, ensuring your satisfaction, safety, and peace of mind.

Top-Rated Maple Ridge Garage Door Repair Service

Maple Ridge has many beautiful residences that deserve the utmost care and attention. However, even the most charming home’s appeal is ruiend by a garage door that’s fallen into disrepair. Whether you’re a homeowner looking to enhance your property’s aesthetics or a business owner aware that customers often judge a company by its appearance, upgrading your old garage door can make a significant difference.

Garage doors, while simplistic in function—to open and close—are an integral part of the typical suburban home in Maple Ridge. Day in and day out, we rely on these doors without a second thought—until they suddenly stop working. The inconvenience of a non-functional garage door, especially when rushing to work or managing a busy schedule, can be immensely frustrating.

To help you better prepare and prevent such hassles, we’ve compiled a list of some of the most common garage door problems you might face—and how we can help you resolve them.

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Our Services

Our experienced team addresses a range of garage door issues. From common problems like noisy doors to more challenging tasks like fixing off-track garage doors or commercial openers installation, we ensure your garage door’s perfect operation and safety.

Here are some of the malfunctions we deal with

A Noisy Garage Door:

An old, noisy garage door can disturb your serenity and sometimes your neighbours. Whether your door needs some lubrication or the replacement of moving parts such as rollers and hinges, we can reduce your garage door’s noise and restore peace.

Broken Garage Door Glass:

Accidents happen, and garage door glass can break, posing safety risks and security threats. Our efficient glass replacement service will safeguard your garage and keep it secure quickly!

Faulty Garage Door Opener:

It’s not always the garage door that’s the problem; sometimes, it’s the garage door opener. We can diagnose and fix any garage door opener issues with any garage door brand if its a Liftmaster, Genie, Craftsman, Marantec, Sommer, Guardian or Linear and many more, ensuring your garage is always operational.

A Worn-Out Garage Door:

A garage door with proper maintenance can last over 20-40 years. However, a lack of it may lead to issues quickly. We can guide you on when it’s better to replace your garage door rather than repeatedly repairing it. Preventing you from throwing your money away

Garage Door Opener Security Issues:

Your garage, often overlooked, houses valuable items. A secure garage door is essential to protect these valuables. Our team can resolve security issues, offering solutions to protect your property.

Issue such as but not limited to: Garage door opener rest. Remote reprograming, remote code removal, burglar proof garage doors.

A Frozen Garage Door Repair:

Winter can be hard on your garage door, especially with Maple Ridge’s fluctuating temperatures. Moisture at the bottom of your door can freeze, hindering its operation. Even worse, your garage door’s bearings could freeze up, making it nearly impossible to open. While you can chip off ice from the door or use a blow dryer or other de-icing methods, problems like frozen bearings require professional help. It’s crucial not to keep pressing the garage door opener, as it could result in serious issues like a burnt-out motor or a broken spring. Our team can assist with these winter-related problems, ensuring your garage door operates smoothly even in the coldest conditions.

Premium Garage Door Installation and Replacement in Maple Ridge

In the evolving landscape of home aesthetics and garage functionalities, more homeowners in Maple Ridge are opting for garage door replacements over mere repairs, keen on leveraging the benefits of advanced designs and materials and comprehensive warranties. Whether you need a fresh installation or a complete replacement(RE&RE), the Titan Garage Doors LTD team has you covered.

Fast Garage Door Installation

Titan Garage Doors offers fast garage door installation for standard-sized doors; if you are in a rush, we can help. Our spread over the lower mainland allows us to provide installation speedily without compromising on quality.


Broad Design Options

Your design choices with Titan are virtually unlimited:

  • Traditional Design: This design eschews extra frills, instead allowing your home’s exterior design to stand out.
  • Carriage House Door Design: Adding a rustic touch to your home, this design emulates classic carriage and barn doors.
  • Full View Door: A popular choice for commercial properties and modern homes, this design features a glass-framed door.
  • Contemporary Design: With an option to include windows, this design offers clean lines and a modern aesthetic.
  • Custom Wood Doors: These lend a unique elegance and timeless appeal to your home, customized to your preference.

Customized Installation Service Tailored to Your Needs

At Titan Garage Doors, we understand that garage doors are not a one-size-fits-all solution. We are committed to providing customized services to cater to our customers’ unique requirements in Maple Ridge. By leveraging our strong relationships with top garage door manufacturers, we offer you the freedom to choose from the best the industry has to offer.

Whether you require a large commercial bay door or a compact single-car garage door for your townhouse, we’ve got you covered. In addition, we meticulously evaluate the type of lift system that suits your garage, factoring in the available headroom. Here are some options we offer:

  • Standard Lift: This traditional system necessitates at least 12 inches of headroom.
  • Low Headroom Lift: Specifically designed for garages with less than 12 inches of headroom, this system optimizes space utilization.
  • Vertical Lift: Perfect for high ceilings, particularly in commercial properties, this system vertically elevates the door.
  • High Lift: A fusion of standard and vertical lifts, this option is perfect for specific architectural requirements.

Count on us for local garage door repair and installation services that blend functionality and aesthetics perfectly, contributing to enhancing your property’s value and curb appeal.

Prioritizing Insulation – R-Value

The R-value of your garage door, indicating its insulation level, is a critical factor when choosing your door. We offer a range of insulation options:

  • Single-layer: A non-insulated option suitable for temperate climates.
  • Two-layer: Semi-insulated, perfect for moderate weather conditions.
  • Three-layer: Fully insulated, providing robust protection from the elements.
  • Four-layer: Offering the highest level of insulation, with an added overlay for aesthetics and durability.

This insulation is particularly beneficial during harsh British Columbia winters, providing comfortable spaces for living, working, or storing sensitive items.

Why Opt for Replacement?

Here are a few reasons to consider a garage door replacement:

  • New Construction: A new house with a new garage demands a new garage door.
  • Complete Garage System Update: Replacing the door allows for a complete system overhaul, including springs, cables, hardware and more.
  • Increased Insulation: A well-insulated door can help repurpose your garage or save on energy bills and turn the garage space a comfortable space 
  • Remodelling: A modern garage door can uplift your property’s appearance as in some builds the garage can take up to 40% of the house facade  

No matter your reasons for replacement, Titan Garage Doors LTD is ready to assist. Renowned for client satisfaction, our non-commission-based team offers unbiased advice to help you make the best decision. Contact us today to begin your garage transformation. With Titan, Maple Ridge has a reliable partner for all things related to garage doors.

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Bruce Robinson
Bruce Robinson
Great experience. Solid install job. Installer cleaned up everything when he was done, and went over all the instructions with us. ????
Charlene Mathieson
Charlene Mathieson
I called and a hour later Moses came by and fixed the door. He was very friendly and affordable pricing. I would definitely recommend Titan Garage Doors!
David Hunter
David Hunter
I'm very pleased with the job that Roi did on our garage doors. He was very polite and efficient and a pleasure to have around. I would recommend them to anyone anytime.
Edward Downing
Edward Downing
Moses was a great help in fixing our disabled garage door at short notice. Once he fixed the problem, he was able to give us some pointers on some proactive steps we could take to avoid issues in the future. I would strongly suggest booking an inspection visit as his keen eye will determine any potential issues.
Carolyn Finlay
Carolyn Finlay
A huge Thank you to Roi at Titan Garage Doors for coming to my rescue late on a Friday evening when the spring on my garage door suddenly snapped. He worked for hours to get the door running again-- and now both my garage doors work just like new. 5-Star Service! Highly recommended.
parmida M
parmida M
We recently had our garage door repaired by Roi and it was a fantastic experience. The technician was professional, and fixed the issue quickly. Their customer service was excellent too. Highly recommend them for any garage door repairs!
Eileen Soong
Eileen Soong
I am impressed with the fast and professional service provided by Titan Garage Doors. A technician was dispatched to my place within 24 hours of call. Roi B the technician came by to diagnose my garage door issue and completed the installation of a new garage door opener on the same day. Roi is knowledgeable about the working of garage doors and skillful with installation. He took the time to explain to me the cause of my garage door problem, the options I have, and garage door maintenance tips.
James Towle
James Towle
We have used Titan 3 times now and have always had the best service from them. Moses is over and above being the best. I recommend them highly
Shehahn Efan
Shehahn Efan
Roi provided me with an excellent service. He fixed the springs on my garage door very quickly and was extremely friendly.
Ali Boyraz
Ali Boyraz
When my garage door stopped working, i googled few companies and left messages, no one returned my calls. Then i came across Titan’s. So I called them and someone actually answered the call. Within an hour Moses showed up. After a quick but thorough check, he pinpointed the problem. Advised me on what to do , scheduled me for the next day. And my garage door was fixed . He is an amazing technician with friendly personality, unlimited knowledge on garage doors. Price was very reasonable, service was quick and workmanship was excellent. I strongly recommend to anyone and i personally guarantee their work .