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Garage Door Repair Abbotsford

Firstly, when it comes to Garage Door Repair Abbotsford, You can get a whole new look for your Abbotsford home or business by just replacing the garage door. In Addition, Titan Garage Doors can provide you with a bespoke garage door installation that will have your neighbours envious. Also, another reason you may want to have your garage door inspected by a professional is that it is no longer working as well as it should, or it has stopped opening altogether.

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With Washington mountain in the background, there is no doubt that Abbotsford is a growing metro area in the lower mainland with many new and innovative businesses and a population that is on the rise. 

As a business owner or a homeowner, there is one thing that can bring your day to a halt. And literally, cage you and make you a prisoner in your home or business, this happens in the most inconvenient time and unaccepted, this is why we provide emergency and same day service to the residents of Abbotsford BC.

We Can provide same day service for the following malfunctions 

  • broken springs 
  • broken or snapped cables 
  • broken rollers or hinges 
  • off-track doors 
  • damaged section or panels
  • opener breakdowns such as worn-out gears, fried logic boards, faulty safety sensors, rewiring 

and many more

Why my garage door broke down

Garage doors work for years without interruption, but eventually, they will break no matter what quality of parts you have and the maintenance that was done; unfortunately, nothing lasts forever. 

Broken Springs – torsion or extension, they will snap or come off the cones; this happens because of metal fatigue, which is caused by wear and tear or to simplify it – your everyday use of the garage door.

There is no way to avoid this, but you can proactively change the springs.

 Change them before they reach their breaking point(most common 10k cycles).

How will I keep track of the cycles??! you may ask, some smart garage door openers have the cycle counter option built-in.

Or you can have a guesstimate calculate how many times you use the garage door a day and multiply by the number of days since installed.

Also, you can customize the springs and get high cycle springs (standard options are 25k, 50k, 100k)

Broken or snapped cables – similar to garage door springs cables snap mostly from everyday use and simple wear and tear. On the other hand, cables can come off their drums for many reasons. 

here are some explanations the most common being

  • interference- an object such as a broom falling behind the garage door tracks/in the way of the garage door
  • wrong size springs
  • an unbalanced door 
  • worn-out bearings 
  • worn-out drums
  • accidental damage to the garage door sections

Broken rollers and hinges  – hinges are rollers and prone to wear and tear as the move, roll and bend with every door movement and need constant lubrication and maintenance. We recommend replacing rollers with every spring replacement that should occur on average every seven years.

Hinges only need to be replaced when broken. When hinges break, there is something wrong with your garage door. Either it had been hit, or the rollers are worn out. Another reason is incorrect positioning. Hinges start from #1 at the bottom section and accending 

Off-track garage doors  – the stuff nightmares are made of, nothing worse than seeing an off-track door. Either at home or in your business. 

It can be caused by operating a door with an opener and broken components, such as a broken spring or damaged cables, sometimes it can be caused due to damaged hinges. 

always try to inspect the garage door and its components for visual signs of breakage 

if you are suspecting there is something wrong with your garage, disengage it from the opener and try to operate it manually

Damaged sections or panels – Let’s face the facts accidents happen, whether its an icy driveway or you’re in a rush to get to your destination or any other reason, either way, this can kick you out of the loop. At your own risk, you can try closing your garage door manually by disengaging from the automatic garage door opener.

We always recommend calling a professional garage door expert. 

Attempting to operate an off-track garage door can cause injury or even death. 

Opener Malfunctions – an opener can stop working from many reasons 

Here are a few of the causes.

  • worn-out main gear –  you would hear a humming sound but no movement, most likely its a worn main gear 
  • broken sprocket –  the chain will sag you will hear the motor move, but the is no movement in the chain usually caused by a heavy unbalanced garage door
  • Sensor alignment –  you can open the door but can’t close it would hear a clicking sound and the light would flash (check for sensor alignment!!)
  • Bad logic board – for this malfunction there are many causes 
  1. remotes and keypad stop working- loose connection
  2. the garage door will open or close on its own
  3. the garage door opener will not function properly 
  4. neighbours remote can open you garage door 
  • Bad travel module – this malfunction is easy to diagnose 

it relates to opener movement if you cant reprogram it or it will only move a few inches at a time it is most likely the travel module

Crime in Abbotsford bc is on the rise 

Burglars and thieves will target your garage door remote in your car and will steal it to gain access to your garage and house we and law enforcement do not recommend leaving the garage remotes in your car and changing the remotes to keychain style and having them with you at all times!

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Reviews For Titan Garage Doors Coquitlam

Christopher Jones
Christopher Jones
04:41 09 Feb 20
My old garage door opener failed on Saturday afternoon. I called Titan Garage Doors in Coquitlam and was amazed to... learn that they could have someone available to look at it that day. Technician Adam was at my door shortly after 6:00 pm. An hour and a half later, I had a brand new opener installed, the spring rebalanced, and door joints lubricated. I was very pleased with the prompt and professional service. Titan will be my “go to” for all of my garage door needs going more
Simon Hardy-Francis
Simon Hardy-Francis
02:08 17 Jan 20
One of our two, relatively new, garage door springs broke after about 5 years. So googled and found Titan Garage Doors... to fix it. They turned up same day within 1.5 hours to fix it. Alex, the technician was a super nice and super skillful guy, and it was obvious he had done the job countless times. He had to work in cramped conditions because the cars were struck in the garage, but he did a great job. The final price for two new springs was C$420 including tax. I'm only taking a star off because the person on the phone initially -- not Alex -- said a different price range; $150 to $250 ish. They must replace pairs of springs all day long... so why not just quote the real prices charged over the phone? Summary: Loved Alex. Hated the phone person in more
Chris M
Chris M
20:37 31 Dec 19
Needed a new spring replacement. I was able to make an appointment same day and the technician was excellent. Great... customer service and stayed true to their estimate that was quoted over the phone. I would use them more
Kevin S
Kevin S
23:07 28 Dec 19
My garage door spring snapped. Called these guys first thing in the morning. When the mechanic arrived 30 minutes... later, I was anticipating getting ridiculous quote like those locksmith scam (paid $260 for 1 minute of job because locksmith knows you are desperate about getting locked out). Later I realized garage door repair isn’t the same as locksmith. I was given a reasonable quote for one hour of labour and it includes the price of the spring. After the mechanic got the door fixed, I was able to pay by credit card and was given a receipt. And on top of that, there is warranty for their repair work. I hope I don’t have to called them any time soon, but if I have to I will. Highly more
David Ronald
David Ronald
20:21 14 Dec 19
Customer service phone response was excellent. Service tech , Alex, arrived promptly, surveyed the issue, provided... options , made adjustments and debriefed very professionally. Management of payment was fast and fair. This was an overall excellent more
Rob C
Rob C
02:54 11 Dec 19
Very prompt service. The technician, Eli, was pleasant, courteous and professional. He assessed the problem that we... were having with our garage door opener, opened the unit up and showed me the parts that had failed. Upon my approval of his price quotation, he went to work replacing the defective/failed part which I was pleased to find out that he carried in his vehicle.Very happy with the experience and highly recommend this technician and the more
Bebe Z
Bebe Z
04:37 10 Dec 19
We're very happy with the service. Dan did a great job fixing our garage door. He also updated all rollers and... installed door seals on the sides and top. Would recommend to anyone who needs their garage door fixed or more
Patrick Wright
Patrick Wright
01:49 26 Nov 19
I would NOT recommend this company!We called Titan to come and do a service, maintenance and any necessary repair on... our garage door. The technician showed up, spent maybe 10 minutes at our place, balanced the door, took his $120 bucks and basically that was it. We asked if there was anything else that needed to be done and we were told no.Our installer arrived the next day and we were told that some of the rollers and hinges would need to be replaced prior to the installation of our new garage door opener. We were not told by Titan that any of this needed to be done.Titan returned the next day to give us a quote for the rollers and hinges... They quoted $40 dollars for each hinge, and $15 per roller. We have 12 hinges/rollers! At this rate, we'd be better off buying a whole new door!We had another company come in and replace only what was broken for a fraction of the cost and they did an amazing jobI would not recommend this company, unless you have money to burn and want to overspend!read more
Rennie Durgapershad
Rennie Durgapershad
22:48 02 Nov 19
This was great and most expeditious service. The installer Adam was great and knowledgeable. Impressed with speed of... the service!read more
Chris Adamson
Chris Adamson
18:16 18 Oct 19
I am very happy with the service. Adam from Titan Doors did a great job fixing my garage door. He found the problem... right away (broken spring) and replaced the part quickly which he already had with him. Arrived within half an hour of me calling at 9 in the morning and fixed it all before 11am! Garage opens smoother and quieter than it did before! Thank you!!read more
Keni Casti
Keni Casti
23:38 01 Oct 19
We had Mario respond fast, (within the hour) he was very professional and friendly. He did excellent work and explained... step by step everything that was repaired. Excellent all more
Frances Jans
Frances Jans
18:38 29 Aug 19
Convenient, called last night with a garage door issue, made an appointment for between 8-9am the next morning. Kim and... his team showed promptly within the time frame given, and completed within the hour. I would recommend this more
Sarabjit Sehmi
Sarabjit Sehmi
01:15 29 Aug 19
Excellent service provided today along with the parts supplied. Best people to deal with regarding the repairs of any... garage doors requirements. Called them in an hour and were at my house within the specified time. Recommend this company for any repair more
Flora Lai
Flora Lai
20:45 26 Aug 19
These guys are great. They worked hard. Polite and nice. It is a good job.
Farid Jamal
Farid Jamal
21:11 04 Jul 19
These guys were great for speed and quality of service . They came in the first part of time window provided, reviewed... the work, provided a quote, which was just as well, as the their dispatcher had provided much lower quotes, I was happy with the quote and recommendations and they proceeded with the job. They were efficient, courteous and clean.. I would not only use them again, but also highly recommend more
Sonia Workman
Sonia Workman
23:11 02 Jul 19
Garage door busted today and Kim was here within an hour and even called to let me know he was running a bit late so I... was waiting around. Was fast, efficient and thorough! Even fixed something else that I didn't notice. Would definitely recommend Kim and his services to anyone that needs any sort of garage door repair!!!!read more
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