What to look for when buying a garage door in Surrey BC

A home is one of the most significant investments any Surrey resident can acquire. Therefore, you want to make sure you protect it with all the means available, which includes a high-quality garage door. The reason why Titan Garage Door emphasizes on quality is that the right garage door can easily last decades or even a lifetime without needing to be changed. That is why it makes all the sense to spare some time and a little effort in making the right choice.

Finding the right garage doors in Surrey BC may seem daunting, exciting and strenuous at the same time. Whether you are looking to replace an old door or looking to install a new door, you will need to equip yourself with information before making a decision. Buying a garage door in Surrey goes beyond designs and looks. At Titan garage doors, we advise on focusing on features like the size, material, insulation and style. You also need to hire professionals to install and perform routine maintenance every now and then. So, what do you look for when buying garage doors in Surrey?

Garage door designs and ideas

Garage doors come in an extensive range of styles and designs that range from basic to intricately detailed doors based on architecture style. Depending on your Surrey home, you will need to choose a door that matches the overall style of your home, especially the frontal facade.

Garage door construction insulated vs non-insulated and semi insulated.

Another notable aspect to look out for is the type of insulation. When it comes to garage doors, you can either go with an insulated, semi-insulated or uninsulated. A highly insulated garage door means high capabilities to keep the hydro bill down and cool during summer and keep the heat during winter. The insulation usually comes in forms of polyurethane or polystyrene foam core in between the layers of the garage door. The core is responsible for the lightweight nature of the door, especially the steel doors.

Extended warranty on doors (lifetime)

The rule of the thumb is to go for a door that comes with a lengthier warranty. A more extended warranty is a sure-fire way of indicating that a door is of high quality or is durable. Remember, warranties vary by brand model and construction; a non-insulated door won’t have the same warranty as 3-layer fully insulated garage door. Therefore, never assume that all doors have the same warranty. Before you make the final buying decisions, make sure you have checked the brand, style and warranty. Don’t just check the length of the warranty but also read through to understand the restrictions and which damages are covered and which ones are not.

Premium hardware 

Getting a garage door with quality thickness in steel is a mandatory requirement if you want a long-lasting door with little maintenance. The lower gauge hinges, high cycle springs, silent rollers and hinges are all primary areas to look out for when choosing the right door. Standard hardware can break constantly. Most companies offer a one-year warranty on parts, while others offer a lifetime warranty based on the type of garage door you want.

Window setup and full view aluminum doors

The right windows and doors make your garage door look perfect. Apart from adding style, windows also provide light to the interior part of the garage. Whether you are considering a contemporary or traditional window and door set up, the end product should come with the right design, reduce noise and temperature, and offer safety and plenty of light. Titan Garage is here to help you make informed decisions with regard to your lifestyle and budget.

Lift types and door sizes

While the door openers do a great job of doing the lifting for you, you will need to choose the correct door size and lift type. For your residential project, you can go for a standard lift, but if there is an electric door opener, be sure to add two extra inches. If you are looking to maximize the height around the inside of the garage or if there are transoms( windows over the garage door), you can use a high lift. For commercial projects, a full vertical lift would do well. Before you buy a garage door in Surrey, make sure to also enquire about the lift warranty.

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