5 Tips on How to Extend the Lifespan of Your Garage Door

5 Tips on How to Extend the Lifespan of Your Garage Door

Can maintenance eliminate the need for premature garage door repairs? You are right about the money. Before a continuous creaking escalates into an expensive garage door replacement, you might consider paying close attention to some of the following tips to keep it in tip-top shape.

1. Understand the Structure
Garage doors are made from various materials, which affect their maintenance. Do you understand the mechanisms that facilitate its operation? We are not referring to the technique workings here; it’s about understanding the basics, including how your garage door opens.
A good starting point would be to read the garage door’s user manual to understand common repair or maintenance practices. You can then take a familiarization ‘mini tour’ of your hardware’s individual parts.

2. A Thorough Inspection
Your garage door comprises multiple parts that work in tandem to ensure proper function. Depending on the type of garage door installed in your home, these may include pulley systems, cables, springs, and a series of bolts, nuts, and screws.
Over time, these components loosen or wear out due to exposure to weather elements. Carve out some time to check for warpage, wear, or cracks in such hardware at least once every few months. Call in an expert if you notice damaged parts that could impair the performance or operation of your garage door.

3. Mind the Insulation and Weather-Stripping
The rubber weather-stripping underneath your garage door wards off harsh weather elements. Keep such hardware in pristine condition by giving it a good wipe once in a while. For extra protection against breakage, add a screw or nail to tighten loose sections of the weather stripping.
Brittle or worn weather strips may also require replacement. To promote year-round comfort in your garage, keep your door’s insulation in sound working order through regular checks.

4. Consider Good-Old Exterior Maintenance
Do not underestimate the importance of cleaning your garage door to prolong its life. A garden hose, cleaning rug, and some mild soap can help you get rid of dirt or debris that easily scratches and damages the paint on your door. You can also paint small rust spots to prevent further damage on aluminum or steel garage doors.
While at it, remember to inspect the door for signs of wear and tear and lubricate serviceable moving parts. Overall, regular maintenance not only ensures your garage serves you for years but also boosts your den’s curb appeal.

5. Test the Door for Balance
An imbalanced garage door can lead you to shop for a replacement if it breaks due to the strain on its components. How do you tell your door is out of balance?
Conduct a simple test for balance by disengaging the door opener and manually opening your garage door. Do you hear loud creaking as you open or close it? Does the door appear slanted while opening? Does it feel heavy or fall when you let go? These are the telltale signs of an imbalanced garage door. Consider seeking the input of a professional to handle such an issue.
Include these tips in your garage door maintenance list to keep it working for years. Reach us at https://titangaragedoors.ca/ to discuss a new Coquitlam garage door repair or installation, or how we can help you avert the need for a costly replacement.

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