How Much Would it Be to Get a New Garage Door?

How Much Would it Be to Get a New Garage Door?

Being a homeowner can be quite stressful. If you’re like others who own their own home, you might have an ongoing list of items that need to be replaced, repaired, or even added to enhance the look, feel, and even safety of your space. A new garage door should be right at the top of your list. If you decide it’s time to replace your old, worn-out garage door with a new, updated one, it’s important not to skimp. By looking for garage doors in Vancouver, you’re taking the first step that will lead you to Titan Garage Doors.

The Costs of Purchasing a New Garage Door

The cost of purchasing a new garage door or a couple can vary on price depending on the brand, size of the doors, added features such as windows, type of windows, decorative hardware or premium hardware such as lower gauge hinges or high cycle springs. Last but not least is the installation cost. Some projects can be more complicated than others, so hiring the right professional garage door company is essential to keep your costs down and to ensure the job is done right the first time. The right company should offer a personalized quote with all costs detailed upfront, so there are no surprises at the end of the project.

Home Advisor recently published an article stating that a new garage door’s costs range from $999 to 2500$ for a traditional standard size garage door. This is both the installation and the door itself. This amount is the national average for garage doors installed in the United States.
Prices in Canada are very close and a bit on the expensive side due to the USD to the CAD exchange rate.
Due to every project’s variability, your garage door replacement could be on the higher or lower end of that average, depending on your specific needs. The more complicated the project, you should expect a higher final bill.

Benefits of a New Garage Door

There are a lot of benefits to installing a new garage door, safety and security being at the top of the list. Most homeowners store their vehicles in the garage to keep them safe from the weather and intruders alike. The garage is also another gateway into the home, and it’s where a lot of families store things, like lawnmowers, ATVs, and other expensive “toys” and appliances.

The last thing you want to have happened while you’re rushing to work is to find out that your garage door is broken and stuck closed or, the worst-case, stuck open. This can even happen with new garage doors if the door is of low quality or installed incorrectly. An incorrect motor installation can break a perfectly installed garage door as well, which relays the importance of finding a professional installer who is a master in their own trade.

Additionally, Remodeling Magazine stated that installing a new garage door can increase your home’s resale value by 4%! That equals 40,000 on a million-dollar home; This is a great reason to consider replacing your old garage door.

If you’re interested in getting a new or replacement garage door, give Titan Garage Doors a call or visit https://titangaragedoors.ca. Our professionals would be more than happy to match you with the garage door that best fits your needs and budget. Get a quote today and start shopping for your new garage door now!

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