Amarr Garage Doors

Some of our favourite garage doors, great value and many customization options, colour, windows or decorative hardware


Traditional design

Amarr Heritage – heavy duty

R-value 6.64-9.05

Lifetime warranty

Amarr Heritage Brochure


Amarr Lincoln – Best bang for your buck

R-value – 9.05

Lifetime warranty

Amarr Lincoln Brochure


Amarr Olympus – Best in class, energy-efficient and high R-value

R-value – 13.35-19.40

Lifetime warranty on paint and hardware

Amarr Olympus Brochure


Carriage House

Amarr Carriage Court – Make your house stand out with these eye-catching garage doors

R-value -6.48

Lifetime warranty

Amarr Carriage Court Brochure

Amarr Classica – A one of a kind garage door proprietory for Amarr durable with oversize sections that  will boost your homes curb appeal and value

R-value – 6.64-13.35

Lifetime warranty

Amarr Classica Brochure
beautiful garage doors

  Amarr Hillcrest – Great value carriage house garage doors for a budget

R-value – 9.05

Lifetime warranty

Amarr Hillcrest Brochure
carriage house doors


Specialty / Full View

Amarr Vista – Modern minimalistic high-end look, contemporary and clean. fully customizable frame, and a wide variety of glass.

R-value – N/A

5-Year warranty

Amarr Vista Brochure
full view garage door

Amarr Horizon – Upgraded version of the Vista model, clean seamless lines, endless design options, leave a fashion statement on your home

R-value – N/A

5-Year warranty

Amarr Horizon Brochure

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