Garage door sizes in Canada

How to determine which garage door is the one for your house?

There are many details to consider when choosing your new garage door, including the new door’s size. If chosen wisely, a new garage door can complement your house’s exterior appearance and add value to your property.

 There are a few nuances to take into consideration:

 Location of the garage door.

 Number and size of vehicles.

 Size of your garage.

Garage doors come in various sizes, styles and colours.

In this short article, we will cover the most common garage door sizes and how to measure an existing garage door or the garage’s actual opening to avoid a situation where you have a door that is too big or too small for your garage opening.

Garage doors are measured by width and height; the correct format is the width (of the door) by height (of the door). For example, if your door is 7ft high and 12ft wide, the proper way to put it will be a 12×7 door.

 Before you go on and order your new garage door, there are a few questions that you may want to ask yourself that may help you choose the garage door to your advantage.

How to measure a garage door?

When it comes to measuring a garage door, you will place a measuring tape from the end of the door to the other do not measure any hardware (rollers, hinges, support strut, etc.), which will give you the width.

When measuring the height, you will start from the bottom of the garage door and to the top of the door. Do not measure the bottom retainer or any support struts.

The door does not have to add up to a round number; if your door is not a standard size, the new door can be either adjusted, or you can order a custom-made door.

What is the most common single car garage door size?

When it comes to a single car garage, the most common size would be 9 ft wide and 7ft tall (9×7). This size is common in townhouse complexes and smaller garages.

This opening will let you comfortably part a sedan car or a non lifted full-size truck.

A Standard 1/2 HP operator is a perfect match to a balanced door of this size.

What is the most common double car garage door size?

For most double-sized garage doors, the most common size would be 16ft wide and 7ft tall (16×7); this is the most common size for a double garage. It

will fit most car models out there, sedan or SUV.

A Standard 1/2 HP operator is an excellent match to a balanced door of this size.

What are the most standard garage door sizes?

Garage doors in the following sizes are considered standard, but not all dimensions are common or in stock:

Width, the following sizes are considered standard: 8,9,10,11,12,14,16,18,20 feet.

When it comes to height, the following are the standard: 6,7,8,9 feet.

Garage doors higher than 9 ft are not so common in residential projects.

7ft high garage doors sizes

· 8×7

· 9×7

· 10×7

· 11×7

· 12×7

· 14×7

· 16×7

· 18×7

· 20×7

8ft high garage doors sizes

· 8×8

· 9×8

· 10×8

· 11×8

· 12×8

· 14×8

· 16×8

· 20×8

9ft high garage doors sizes

· 8×9

· 9×9

· 10×9

· 11×9

· 12×9

· 14×9

· 16×9

· 20×9

Where is your garage located?

A garage door installed in the front section of your house may significantly impact your home’s appearance. The front of your house is the face of your property, and if your garage is located in the front section, you may want to take the design choice and even the size of your garage door quite seriously. It is not a bad idea to consult an exterior designer regarding what kind of door will complement the house’s appearance. In some cases, one large door will make the house look elegant and sophisticated; in others, you may want to consider the option of two smaller garage doors instead. In some houses, two doors will look better than one large one, which is more practical.

If your garage is located in your house’s back area, you can be more practical in choosing your new garage door. However, some individuals value attention to detail, and sophisticated design in every aspect of their home is very important to them. Right-looking garage doors do not necessarily mean expensive; there are exquisite garage doors that will add to your house’s impression, and you will not have to pay a high price. You may want to ask your garage door specialist what styles are available for the price you have in mind. Consulting a professional is always a good idea.

How many vehicles are you going to park in your garage?

The most popular garage door width is 16 feet, allowing you to park two average-sized vehicles or one large vehicle. The standard garage height is 7-8 feet.

In general, garage door width sizes vary from 8-20 feet. If you only have one vehicle and it is an average size, you do not have to install a large garage door unless you use your garage for other purposes than parking the car. In such a case, a bigger garage door may be more convenient.

Some people like travelling during the summer season and will have an RV. If the intention is to park the RV inside the garage, a greater garage door is required (up to 12 feet).

In some cases, you may want to go with a custom-made garage door. It is usually more beneficial in case you require a garage door that is not a standard size. Ask your garage door technician about how you can get a custom-made garage door and about their price range.

Do You need a custom-made garage door?

Although people opt-out for a standard garage door in many cases, not all garage doors are manufactured in the same manner. Some are created according to standard measurements, and some doors are made from scratch according to your measurements. In some cases, you order a door that is not quite the right size for your frame; that should be fine if the difference is few inches, and it will be adjusted to fit your frame. Garage doors can be cut down in width by one-inch increments to accommodate almost any opening. For example, you may have a door that has the following size 11 X 9, but your frame can only fit a 10″ 6 X 9 door, then the door will have to be cut to reduce its width. Height can also be adjusted. Always confirm with your garage door company or installer if the specific door you want comes in the size you need! In other cases, ordering a custom-made door will be cheaper and easier, so it is a good idea to get the professional’s advice on the subject before you order your new door.

How big is your garage?

If you are building a new garage from scratch, you will consider the desired door’s size and design the garage accordingly. If you want only to replace your garage door, your existing garage’s size is a crucial factor in your choice, especially if you consider replacing your existing door with a larger one.

Your new door will require at least 4 inches of a side room and adequate headroom space to operate. In some cases, a larger door requires you to expand your garage size. Also, the garage door frame itself should be able to fit the desired size garage door.

It is also crucial that your garage is in good condition, that it can fit the door you have chosen and provide sufficient support. Inspecting your garage and the door jambs for any signs of deterioration is a good idea. It is also a good idea to check the garage flooring and ensure it is levelled correctly and has no significant cracks.

Note that all the repairs and alterations should be finished before the day of the door installation.

It is advisable that your new garage door is to be installed by a trained technician since a new garage door must be installed according to manufacturer instructions and with close attention to details. That will ensure the safety and the correct functioning of your new garage door, which will result in your new door serving you longer.

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